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custom website designer in Charlotte NC



    Peace N Peas Web Solutions is a home design studio at Peace N Peas Farm, located just outside of Charlotte, NC, USA.

    Our purpose is to give clients affordable, custom websites that their customers will find easy to use. We will bring your brand to life, and if you're not sure what that looks like, we can help you develop it. Your website will have a demonstrated impact on your ability to attract customers and do business, when integrated with your marketing plan.


    Francie Dunlap

    Website Design, Graphic Design, Budding Developer
    Francie Dunlap

    I love being able to translate someone’s personality, ideas, and business into a visual design that clearly communicates their intentions and allows the viewer to easily navigate. I enjoy learning and trying new things. This is a good thing, because business marketing is constantly changing! I like collaborating with people who are also excited about what they do.

    Delaney Dunlap

    Photography, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design
    Delaney Dunlap

    My interest in photography began with taking pictures of horses, but it doesn't end there! I began sharing my pictures and videos on social media and discovered how fun it is to find a unique, captivating point of view. I will never tire of using new apps to enhance my creations.